Composition and Specifications

Like all gold coins of the era, the Three Dollar Gold Pieces were struck in composition consisting of 90% gold and 10% copper. The coins have a diameter of 20.5 mm and a reeded edge. Uncirculated pieces should weigh 5.015 grams (77.4 grains).

Issues struck at the Philadelphia Mint do not carry a mint mark, while issues struck at the branch mints carry the mint mark below the wreath on the reverse.

Due to the extremely small mintages of many issues, the Indian Princess Three Dollar Gold Pieces are generally not collected as a series, although it is certainly possible with patience and deep pockets. The only true stopper for the set is the 1870-S, which is believed to be unique with the only known example unlikely to reenter the market.

The proof issues of the series are also difficult to collect, although once again it is possible given the right resources. The stopper for the proof set, if branch mint proofs are included, is the 1855-S proof.